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Quality Guarantee

Spectrum Pacific Products Inc. is bound by the regulations governing fertilizer quality and standards established by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (Agriculture Canada).

Our fertilizer products have been constantly improved wherever possible to increase both performance and plant/environmental safety..

Spectrum Pacific has tested it's fertilizer products for Heavy Metals since 2000 and has never failed to meet legislative requirements.

What does this mean for our customers? Our fertilizers meet the Fertilizer Analysis on our Spec Sheets and Labels on our finished products and conform to both Agriculture Canada and Washington State Department of Agriculture standards for Heavy Metals.

Our products have performed exceptionally well on a variety of different sites and with many different Tree Species (Cedar, Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Pine, Spruce etc.) throughout BC, Alberta and the Pacific Northwest.

Spectrum's Biodegradable Tree Fertilizer "Tea Bags" are packaged in bags of 1000 (10 clear plastic bags containing 100x10 gram, biodegradable paper tea bags each) packed in labeled, white heavy plastic bags with 75 of these larger bags per pallet, totaling 75,000 tea bags per pallet.

Pallets are (40" x 48") non-returnable, shrink-wrapped complete with cardboard protective corners (pallet weight ~ 775 kgs).

Please feel free to contact David Bittner, B.Sc. at: or call (604) 833-6462, if you need more information about our Tree Fertilizer products.

More Information

For more information, visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website for Heavy Metal Standards or the Canada Justice Laws website for the Fertilizers Act and Regulations.

You can also visit the Washington State Department of Agriculture website for Metals in Fertilizers.

Douglas fir roots

Douglas fir roots

Planter in action

Weyerhaueser S Island

Planter in action